Thomas Alva Edison: An Inspiration

Sai Abburi
1 min readSep 23, 2020

Thomas Alva Edison is now best known for being the inventor of the light bulb. His impact on today’s world is almost unparalleled because in a way, he brought light to the rest of the world through his research in electric lighting, which eventually paved the way for many more advancements in the field of science. His success was never promised, however. As a young student, Edison was poor at school, and he was homeschooled (Edison Biography). He still had an innate interest in chemical experiments, a passion that carried him throughout his career. For me, Edison’s creativity, dedication, and discipline are three of the most admirable qualities. His creativity in eventually filing for over 1,000 US patents, his dedication and discipline in working 30 months to perfect the first light bulb, and many other examples showcase his ability to persevere through his struggles (Edison’s Lightbulb). This sense of resilience is what ultimately helped him make the tangible impact he has on today’s world. In a way, Edison was privileged because he had power. He was able to build, “the best equipped and largest laboratory extant and the facilities superior to any other for rapid and cheap development of an invention” in West Orange, New Jersey, a mile away from his house (Edison Biography). The resources he possessed definitely helped him perfect his craft and develop his innate talent and creativity to create revolutionary inventions.

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